Wish I Understood

It's hard for me to understand the actions I exhibit as a thousand things sit on my desk demanding my attention and why I end up choosing to ignore them all to sit here and write ... I don't understand this obvious character flaw which ultimately sparks panic at the end of the day knowing tomorrow the same workload will be staring me in the face. I don't understand the blinders which compel me to sit here and write frivolous nothings like...

       Life is a vast array of
       new and old,
       of learning and relearning,
       of first-time smiles and
       repeat grins.
       Don't let your day close without
       first recalling a smile so
       tomorrow dawns just a little bit brighter.

...than to actually accomplish something concrete. And yet here I sit, nearing another end to the day and my desk is still heaped full. What's a wanna-be-writer to do...

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