A Quote

"In life, you choose to sing a rainbow or you don't."
Chasing Rainbows, by Kathleen Long


Questions to Ponder In Quiet Moments

  • Does good become great only through adversity?
  • Is reality a figment of our imagination?
  • How long does it take for people to believe they truly have a voice?
  • How much truth exists when life is lived through observation versus existence?
  • What is it about a rainy, cold morning which promotes contemplation?
  • Does our attempt to organize actually create our chaos?
  • Do we fail by not believing enough?
  • Is it enough to know we are more than ordinary?
  • Does wishing for difference effectively impact reality?
  • How can we avoid being reluctant when self-discipline is so elusive?
  • Is routine really as mundane as we make it out to be?
  • Every experience that comes before us is necessary; how long before clarity?
  • Why do we evaluate life by the intensity of our failures?


Wish I Understood

It's hard for me to understand the actions I exhibit as a thousand things sit on my desk demanding my attention and why I end up choosing to ignore them all to sit here and write ... I don't understand this obvious character flaw which ultimately sparks panic at the end of the day knowing tomorrow the same workload will be staring me in the face. I don't understand the blinders which compel me to sit here and write frivolous nothings like...

       Life is a vast array of
       new and old,
       of learning and relearning,
       of first-time smiles and
       repeat grins.
       Don't let your day close without
       first recalling a smile so
       tomorrow dawns just a little bit brighter.

...than to actually accomplish something concrete. And yet here I sit, nearing another end to the day and my desk is still heaped full. What's a wanna-be-writer to do...


Lost Chances

Finding time for reflection which isn't influenced by momentary chaos, making notes of musings, is challenging and difficult at best. Periodically throughout my day, my brain wanders; and with the wandering, elaborate thoughts creep into consciousness, begging for definition and expansion. And I vow to develop the cogitation via journal or blog or poetic ramblings ... just as soon as I finish my current project. Resulting, of course, in the disappearance of creeping thoughts, exceptional as they may have been, now lost in my brain's recesses right next to the potential for Robert Frost brilliance.


Hoping for Change

New years always bring change. I never thought change was a difficult animal to tame, but apparently I was wrong. Change by it's basic nature is chaotic and lacking in structure which does not sit well with my basic nature.

Attempting to change how I deal with change had always been a little bit like a New Year's resolution to lose weight: I'd hope things would be different and that my one-time stop at the gymn or one-mile walk would somehow magically be enough to impose weight loss... You'd think I'd learn hoping wihout a substantive plan coupled with necessary action items and a consistent determined mindset is not very productive.

I'm hoping to change that this year.