I Remember ... in no particular order

I remember when ZIP codes were introduced and having to use them for the first time. I complained about yet another number I had to memorize. I think I was 10.

I remember when you had to step on a mat in front of the department store doors to get the door to "automatically open."

I remember when talking elevators and talking computers were only on the USS Enterprise in the television series, Star Trek.

I remember when you had to wait days and days and days while film was being developed and printed to see whether or not vacation photos were going to be any good. There weren't any LED screens providing instant gratification (except maybe on the Enterprise).

I remember when the local newspaper was delivered by ambitious youngsters instead of by the postal carrier (I remember the label Mailman). The newspaper's value is somehow diminished when pulling it from the mailbox, opening it and having credit card offers, junk mail, and utility bills drop from its fold.

I remember when you actually had to go to a store and buy vinyl records when you wanted to own a copy of your favorite song. I remember paying 75 cents for a 45 and, after purchasing, leaving the store, taking the bus home, going to my bedroom, turning on my record player and then listening to the song (and, of course, its flip side).

On a related note: Not too long ago I had to explain how records "played" -- in a continuous groove which required a stylus to pick up the sound -- and yes, there were "tracks" but you manually had to lift a needle and place it on the record for "track selection."

I remember Christmas 1961 when I received the blond, bubble-hair-cut Barbie with the black and white swim suit -- the only year the bubble cut Barbie was sold with the black and white swim suit. I can find the Barbie, but the swimming suit is missing. So are two of Barbie's fingers.

I remember thinking how stupid it was for adults to sit around the dinner table "remembering" and vowing never to grow so old I would dress like a grandma or waste time just remembering.

There are a lot of things I remember....