Breakfast in the Backyard

There seems to be a lot of Cedar Wax Wings this year. Flocks of them in the back yard enjoy fruit from the CrabApple trees. Their coloring makes it difficult to see how many there are sometimes. It's nice to have a zoom lense in these circumstances...



Technology and its changes are quite frustrating! Blogging.... it's an adequate substitution to throwing the laptop or blackberry or dvr or bluetooth device out the window...

There's a type of storm that...

...makes you run outside, risk being pelted in the face by stinging rain drops and wind threatening that low hanging branch, so you can pull your car into the garage because you know the hail is coming and its going to get worse long before the storm subsides.

...makes you want to throw on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, curl up in a blanket, pull a good book from the shelf, build a roaring fire and then open the window to feel the contrast of the storm's cool breeze and the fire's heat.

...causes melancholy to engulf your being, fills your brain with remember when and your eyes with tears because you finally realize you can never take it back - life has no dress rehearsals.

...energizes your thought processes and empowers creative genes resulting in massive productivity so at the end of the storm you walk away from activities satisfied, energized, and exhausted all at the same time.