Questions to Ponder In Quiet Moments

  • Does good become great only through adversity?
  • Is reality a figment of our imagination?
  • How long does it take for people to believe they truly have a voice?
  • How much truth exists when life is lived through observation versus existence?
  • What is it about a rainy, cold morning which promotes contemplation?
  • Does our attempt to organize actually create our chaos?
  • Do we fail by not believing enough?
  • Is it enough to know we are more than ordinary?
  • Does wishing for difference effectively impact reality?
  • How can we avoid being reluctant when self-discipline is so elusive?
  • Is routine really as mundane as we make it out to be?
  • Every experience that comes before us is necessary; how long before clarity?
  • Why do we evaluate life by the intensity of our failures?

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