Who Knows?

You know you're a writer-wanna-be when you have nearly brilliant ideas flash to the forefront of your brain but no additional intellectual abilities to actually develop those thoughts beyond a single, albeit sagacious, line.

You know you're a writer-wanna-be when, while cleaning off the top of your desk, you find scratch paper with one-liners jotted in bad penmanship and you don't even know if they're your thoughts or ideas gleaned from others' thoughts or works.

"A sense of dread held her heart like unwelcome hands."

"They said the same things over and over until her emotions caught up with her intellect."

"Should we only believe in miracles when it's required? If so, when is that? Christmas miracles are easier to believe in than everyday miracles."

"We do those around us an injustice by assuming they recognize our distress or elation."