I envy those who religiously write in (or on -- which is proper?) their blogs. I can't seem to get into that routine. Maybe it's because I can't decide whether it is good or bad for me to be posting regularly ... And yet consistency as a writer is imperative. I've always considered myself a writer, but maybe that's a phantom skill which is also just envied and lacks evidence ... So moving on: I'm pleased I can see the sun today even though its warmth eludes Iowans during December. Happy Holidays.


The Holidays

I just got off the phone with my sister and I'm trying very hard not to succumb to the Holiday Bitters. It becomes increasingly difficult with siblings to sort through who has maternal responsibilities regarding aging parents. And it's a strange role to be decipher - daughter, sister, adult, child, caretaker, manager, supervisor, scheduler, taxi cab driver. The skills of all are required as well as emotional endurance. It shouldn't be this burdensome. And now add guilt because there are others who would love to have parents still around to worry about. With as much guilt as I carry one would think I was brought up Catholic....


Home Again

We just returned from vacation ... and I am taking the day off because domestic duties, when returning after an 11-day absense, seem to determine how time is eaten from first-day-back's plate. Although I am one who craves order and routine, I must admit it is nice sometimes not to... like today -- domestic duty day, blog review day, poetry day, an "I get to decide" day because outside influences think I'm still on vacation....



It seems I'm always fighting it, procrastination ... knowing there are several things I need to address and yet looking for some other way to spend my time. Doesn't matter if it's work or play. Some day I'll tame this beast. Not today, so I think I'll go work on the web site which I've been ignoring for six months. Shameful!


Here Again

Why is it so easy to waste so much time when there's so much to do? I can't understand the process behind the procrastination.


Starting New

It's time to be more productive with my down time. Thus, the "PoetJudge Blog." Now, instead of spending hours surfing the Internet or playing games I can type when I should be working or doing laundry or loading the dishwasher or working out. Technology ... how grand.