Rambling Afterthoughts

I understand the Supreme Court Justices' news release was a very classy response. I would expect nothing less, though I haven't seen it yet. I can't seem to get over feeling really bad bad for them and I'm trying to decide if it's because I know them (I've played the piano while Justice Streit sang following dinner one evening at The Des Moines Club) or if I feel bad because administratively Q's work could, it appears, become more difficult, or because Iowans are just stupid to vote emotionally, reacting with revenge and ignorance to the real issues ... Then there's Newly Elected For the 5th Time Governor Brandstad -- My daughter says it feels like 1989 again. Actually, that wouldn't be all bad if I could have another 20+ years to live and be given some 'do-overs.'  Guess I'm felling pretty old today. Old and sad...

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