Time to Write

Rainy, cloudy, dark, dreary days bring out the writer in me. And there have been a lot lately. What is it about dismal surroundings that causes the creative spirits to awaken? That's anyone's guess...  I just know that listening to thunder's growl, rain and window pane clashes, twigs encased in ice snapping, and the requirement of an illuminated desklamp to review pencil scratching in my journal stimulates my brain. I don't get much work done, but somehow this time of reflection and compulsive writing helps keep that balance on which I'm always preaching.

and endearment
engulf my being
while I stare through
a midnight window,
my surroundings kissed
by a shadowed moon.
Strange combination.
I wait and wonder
and question the
the conflict
now presented.
It's good to feel,
good to question,
imperative to find
with personal definition...
But resolve will have to wait
until morning skies
clear my mind
and awaken
my balanced
yet searching soul.

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