Strangely Enough

No one really blogs anymore.... unless, apparently, you're a chef wanting to post recipes or a celebrity disclosing latest escapades.

I too find myself ignoring the blogging world and gravitating more toward the use of an actual pen and paper and journals. One disadvantage? I forget to date my writing, something blogging would never let happen (changing the date, yes; ignoring? No, not unless one takes the extra steps to address html or settings or options... more work than its worth).

Advantages? Stop me when I've bored you: rewarding to take a blank page and fill it, even with shotgun writing or nonsense phrases, completely transforming the personality of the page; the feeling of accomplishment which doesn't require someone else's like or comment; self-expression with personalization while improving writing skills; gratification through the action of erasing and crossing out (versus hitting a backspace or delete key, a self-described psychological cleansing which is oddly therapeutic); creating an emotional outlet, knowing you're revealing a little bit of your soul. Ok, I'm stretching.

And yet, strangely enough, here I am. Today. Blogging. Typing out my thoughts in instead of creatively writing in a journal (leather bound, vinyl, or cardboard). Using that delete key, erasing by highlighting. Refining random thoughts while attempting to connect each to another, making a whole instead of a part. Key-stroking instead of picking up a favorite fountain pen to write feverishly in a journal or hastily jot down a thought on a 3x5 index card before it evaporates or lands in someone else's head.

Admittedly, I gain some sense of satisfaction seeing the uniformity of letters which generate words while creating paragraphs, and I ask myself: Is typing synonymous with writing when attempting to creep past the less intellectual limits of shotgun writing? Is attempting to write deep, prolific thoughts (even if deep, prolific thoughts are defined by the author) really blogging?

Based upon the evolution of blogging, one would venture to answer no.

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