2013 ... Really?

So where does the time go? Or do we just continue to skip through activities without noticing? Does time actually get away from us' and does it fly only when you're having fun? The last entry in my journal was July 15, 2012. I'm surprised to see a 2013 entry on this blog, actually. Time - also known as a stretch, a period, a spell ....  However defined, time doesn't go anywhere. We go ... and go, and go, and go and pretty soon we look at our children or grandchildren and years has passed instead of days.

When my oldest was 3 months old, I remember my dad helping me feed her solid foods for the first time (yes, things were different back then). He looked at her and said, "Before you know it, this little one will be graduating from college." That little graduated from college years ago. I'm telling her the same thing about her children.

Where does time go? Like sands through the hourglass ... it only moves slowly when we watch every grain.

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